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Most memorable gift...
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Most memorable gifts that you've given or received

New Member

Share you memorable gifts moments with me !! My most memorable gift was a teddy bear I got when I was a child. I remember that it was a gift from my mother. It was given to me on a special occasion. The reason I remember it is because I treasured it so much. I would take it with me to bed every night. It was my friend and companion. I even took it with me to school. I am happy that my parents bought it for me. I still have it in my house.


Topic starter Posted : 18/05/2022 12:37 pm
New Member

One of the most memorable gifts I received was a pet for a golden retriever dog. It had a saying, "Growing gifts for you to enjoy as you watch your grow." It was from my father, and it was the first gift I ever received from him. It was sweet and thoughtful, packed with emotion. He didn't have money to give me, but he took the time to show me how much he cared about me and my future with a gift.


Posted : 19/05/2022 5:47 am