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What Is Male Impote...
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What Is Male Impotence?
What Is Male Impotence?
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Many men are ashamed to go to a urologist with this problem, but a weak erection or loss of erection during intercourse is already a reason for visiting a doctor. Impotence occurs in 40% of men aged 35-40 years. Almost always, to problems with erectile dysfunction, which are due to organic reasons, a psychological component is added, which may not disappear, even after the root cause of the disease has been eliminated. - give up smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption; - adhere to a balanced diet, reduce the consumption of animal fats; - exercise regularly; - maintain the stability of the psycho-emotional sphere of life, devote time to walks in the fresh air, conversations with family and friends, hobbies; - monitor the level of blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid profile, especially in the presence of arterial hypertension or diabetes mellitus.





Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several types of causes - endocrine, drug, local, neurological and vascular. All this refers to the organic form of erectile dysfunction when it is caused by some change or disorder in the body. Failure to achieve or maintain adequate penile erection, which in turn limits or makes it impossible for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Squats are considered the most effective exercise for strengthening erection; it is recommended to perform 50-100 squats a day.





This exercise is convenient because it can be performed in any position an arbitrary number of times. Walking also gives positive results in the fight against insufficient erection. An equally effective method is tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. This helps to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area. Should be allocated separately sexual behavior in the so-called "habitual" sexual intercourse. For this purpose, various questionnaires and scales are widely used, such as: International Index of Erectile Dysfunction.





Patients with erectile dysfunction should determine the hormonal background (free and bound testosterone, prolactin, estradiol, gonadotropin), determine the blood sugar level, glycated hemoglobin, blood lipid profile. Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction in men should begin with a general history. At the first stage, they try to identify possible etiological factors, determine the individual characteristics of sexual activity. The results of these tests will help to identify a certain type of pathogenesis of dysfunction.





The vasoconstriction (atherosclerosis) is also largely inherent in the vessels of the phallus. Violations of the cardiovascular system. In addition, drugs for the treatment of hypertension and heart disease can themselves also cause significant erectile dysfunction. It is not for nothing that some scientists consider potency dysfunction a harbinger of cardiac pathology and recommend starting an examination of the heart as early as possible if problems arise in the intimate sphere.





Elevated cholesterol and smoking are also important, leading to damage to the vascular wall. Various diseases of the heart and blood vessels lead to disorders in the intimate sphere (up to 65% of cases) - ischemic disease, heart rhythm disturbances, hypertension, conditions after myocardial infarction. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment With organic forms of erectile dysfunction, very often doctors are not able to completely rid a man of the underlying disease, which led to problems with erection.





In such cases, symptomatic treatment is carried out, that is, treatment, the task of which is only to restore the man's ability to a normal erection.





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