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Our Rules! Some basic rules that we will all follow. If you are found breaking them there will be account punishments. 1. Be respectful Please respect all members and staff here we are all part of the same community lets make it a nice/safe place to enjoy. 2. Please search first! Please try and avoid […]

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Hint for next episodes featured games…. What is next weeks game/theme? Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Other Please Specify: Created with survey maker

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Games we have covered throughout our episodes. Ep.2 Under Demolition 33:00 Review/Game Info By Jacobz Ep.2 Under Demolition 60:00 Review/Game Info By Jacobz Ep.2 Under Demolition 29:00 Review/Game Info By Sketzz GA33:00 – BC1:01:00 Ep.2 Under Demolition 14:33 Review/Game Info By Jacobz Coming Soon… Ep.1 Um-Believable 36:35 Review/Game Info By Sketzz Coming Soon… Ep.1 Um-Believable […]

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Did you miss something? Or just want to listen again, Here are all our currently live episodes. Ep.6 Return of the King….. But not that King Ep.5 Livin’ Ain’t Easy Ep.4 Dojo’s , Time Machines and Intergalactic Bounty Hunters Ep.3 Do Not Feed The Pigeons Ep.2 Under Demolition Ep.1 Um-Believable Ep.0 Introduction

Welcome to Men Podcasting Badly! We can be found in many places take a look at the panel to the right for all the platforms we can be found on, See you there! About Us! Jacobz Section: Some Awesome S%*t Goes Here! Sketzz Section: Some Awesome S%*t Goes Here!

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